Weekend Wishlist: Cuddle Ala Mode

 Jul 28, 2016


Cuddle Ala Mode

If the weather can transform the mood, so can food!

Why “Netflix and Chill” when you can take a chill day out with Seats and eat the best rainy day comfort food with the person you love?

Putting together our favorite dishes from other restaurants, here is our Weekend Wishlist!

Soup: COCA Signature Hotpot: Red Fire Platter from Coca Restaurant

Warm and tasty, check out our review of COCA Restaurant!

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MAIN: Gyudon by Sumo Sam

Great news! Our #SeatsFamily is growing, and we want to welcome Sumo Sam! Book Now with Seats!

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You can’t go wrong with Sumo  Sam’s rice bowls! <3

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DESSERT: Wood-fired Cookie Dough from Stella

Homemade and freshly fired up!Make it extra sweet with your partner! That cookie dough!

Enjoy the weekend with our favorite picks!

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