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 Aug 16, 2016



SABOTEN is a  Tonkatsu chain from Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. Serving its famous tonkatsu since 1966, Saboten has branched out to Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, and now in the Philippines. Saboten is located on the ground floor of Serendra. You can eat at the back for added privacy, the area with cool Japanese artwork adorning the walls. You can eat al fresco if the restaurant is already full inside.

A Different kind of Hugot

Saboten is the literal translation of the word “cactus!” No this isn’t about being alone in the desert, but about persevering and remaining unshaken despite harsh conditions. Wow. Inspiring from their name to the last bite of their tonkatsu!

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Saboten has modern Japanese interiors with simple but intricate designs. The use of geometric patterns and Japanese elements makes sense as most of the material found in the restaurant was shipped straight from Japan.

Being original and authentic also means being intentional about the details.

 The restaurant sends Zen vibrations from every corner to help you focus on your meal and silence certain worries in your mind.

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If you always have a hard time deciding what to try at a new restaurant, then you’ve come to the right blog! We’re here to make your life easier. As soon as you enter Saboten, order ANY of their katsu.

.. Okay.. that didn’t help. But seriously, everything katsu is WOW!

So are you craving for meat or seafood? Still don’t know? Get a variety set!


Try the Saboten Special Set (P540). This set brings you deep fried shrimp, loin cutlet, tenderloin cutlet, and crab cutlet. That loin cutlet is out of this world!!

Ohboi, you are in for the katsu thrill of your life! But before we get in to that, TAKE NOTE that your table has condiments that consist of sesame sauce, citrus sauce, tonkatsu sauce, pink salt and mustard. But more importantly, every time you order a tonkatsu set, you get rights to…


Use their sesame sauce for the right sweetness and cream, and use the citrus sauce for that sour tone to fill your mouth!

SEATS TIP: For the full authentic Japanese experience, take the wooden mortar and pestle, and crush the black and white sesame seeds that come with the salad! Pour the tonkatsu sauce on the crushed seeds, mix, and use that sauce for the meats and even the salad! Enjoy!



Here’s the Oyster Set B (P725) for those who want to try something unique and interesting. It has deep fried oyster, crab cream croquet and rolled cutlets with your choice of cheese, asparagus, or plum! That breaded oyster is a must experience for anyone who swings by Saboten.

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We were so in awe and dumbfounded by the perfection of the texture and crunch of the breading that we asked questions. And bless this restaurant for answering our questions and taking us on a tour to the kitchen. Apparently, Saboten uses home-made loaf bread and does NOT buy their breading in grocery shops, but makes the breading with their own bread making machine!!!

OG meets Technology.

Show ’em how to make legit Tonkatsu, Saboten!

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Perfect for the rainy season, the Saboten Shabu-Shabu Set (P795) creates a warm home inside your tummy! Strips of beef are ready and prepared for cooking by boiling broth! Mushrooms, greens, and noodles are at your command as you get to dictate the salt level with their pink rock salt which is rich in minerals. The spice level is on you, as well! Enjoy playing chef with all your ingredients ready for you!



With a very delicate and subdued flavor, the Matcha Lychee Almond Cake (P210) soothes the tongue after a flavorful, heavy meal. Moist and not too sweet, this is a good balancing ender.

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Watermelon Wasabi (P175) and Fresh Melon Yakult (P175)

WOW! Who would have thought watermelon and wasabi would blend so well together? Saboten created this refreshing drink with a spicy kick that will surely to get your energy up for the day! This drink has a spot in our hall of fame already!

The Fresh Melon Yakult is rejuvenating and definitely a go-to on a hot summer’s day! It’ll take you back to your childhood memories of running around in the playground with your friends, getting sweaty, and coming home to ice cold yakult.


Only a restaurant that’s mastered its craft, coming up with a talented team in the kitchen, can stand the test of time and stay relevant and up to date with today’s cravings. Saboten does this with out compromise, and we are honest when we say it has become one of our favorites.

From the interior design to the tonkatsu breading, Saboten shows us that being original and authentic means being intentional about the details.

For an exciting and unique experience, go for the Watermelon Wasabi drink and Oyster Set B! And of course, don’t forget to show us love by booking with our amazing Seats App or go to our site by clicking this cute yellow book now sign.

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