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 Aug 08, 2016

Museum Cafe


The Museum Café serves Modern Asian Cuisine in an ever-adapting environment. Located where Makati Avenue and Dela Rosa intersect, Museum Cafe lives up to its name with its classy interior and creative menu.

This restaurant engages customers with a three-in-one food service -café, bar and restaurant. The first establishment from the Raintree Restaurant Group has come a long way and has trail blazed in menu and service.  Set up within the periphery of the Ayala Museum, it’s as if the cafe rests in a glass bubble where you can witness the mood of the city and still have control over your mood as you select your meal or drink.

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The Museum Cafe adapts to colorful sunsets and moody raindrops as it is it is shielded by double-height glass windows. Teasing the passers by with it’s beautiful and posh interior, anyone would want to trade places with those who are inside looking out.

In the heart of the commercial business city of Makati, you can find your sweet escape in the wide and spacious dining halls of this restaurant. The elegant character of the restaurant comes alive with its lovely lights and exquisite paintings. M Café gives an upscale vibe for all your senses as the menu of Asian food is presented with a twist.

Outside, the hanging rattan balloon lamps, stools and bar counter, create a perfect laid back mood in the morning, and easily transform into a place for drinks and unwinding for the those who thrive in the nightlife.

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Museum Cafe, or “M Cafe” as regulars would call it,  fuses Chinese, Filipino and other Asian flavors in innovative combinations resulting in inventive, flavorful dishes i wished i get to sample everyday. The café extends  to another Raintree Restaurant, Kabila, which is known for its Filipino cuisine. It is delightful to have these two restaurants sharing one location, and even more satisfying that they share a menu.



Salted Egg Crispy Prawns (P595)

Salted Egg, Crispy Basil, and fresh prawns! Sprinkle that citrus juice all over and get a balanced blend of crunchy texture and smooth, excellent flavor.


Grilled Cilantro Chicken Fresh Spring Rolls (295)

 As you eat this asian herb, root vegetable, and grilled cilantro chicken mix that is wrapped up in bite-sized rolls, all you’ll think of is how proud you are to be Asian (or at least be in a restaurant that serves exquisite Asian food). Dip it in the Sambal peanut dip and munch on the pickled radish to manually add flavor or tone it down!

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Grilled 3 cheese Brioche (P450)

This dish is made of mozzarella, sharp cheddar, quesong puti, sandwiched in soft toasted Brioche and served with the tasty gazpacho dip and quick pickles. For cheese lovers out there that need some cheddar to have a balanced meal, you won’t go wrong with this. Though grilled cheese is normally served with crunchy toasted bread, this one gives you the soft toast treatment and it surprisingly works well!


All sandwiches come with seasoned fries.

If there’s any surprising highlight in their menu, this is it. Their fries are your dream fries with just the perfect amount of oil and crunch!

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M’s Famous Congee (PhP 295)

Aside from  the fried bean curd skin and silken tofu, it’s the shiitake mushrooms that whisper peace and comfort to your soul. This celebrity congee arrives hot in a bowl with flavorful and hearty broth that’s almost creamy except there was no cream added. Neither too thick nor watery, the congee is tasty  with just the right amount of saltiness. Go for this if you’re looking for simple comfort food, or if you need company on a rainy day.



Buchi Balls (P195)

Alternately stuffed with white and dark chocolate, these Buchi Balls are at the top of the next dessert list we’re going to make. Resting with class above mini scoops of mantecado, and dark chocolate ice cream, you’ll be dreaming of this dessert for weeks.

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Illy Cafe Mocha (P170)

Mixing art with science, this Illy Cafe Mocha is served in layers of dense goodness! From the bottom up, this Mocha is made of Chocolate Syrup, Coffee, Milk, Foam and sprinkled with Chocolate powder. If coffee is a treat for any grown up, M Cafe lets your inner child giggle as they serve this with a bar of choc nut.


M Cafe has found a regular in us for their amazing dishes, relaxing ambiance, and speedy service. Open from 8:00AM til’ 12 midnight, booked for business meetings, dates, and family gatherings, getting a table isn’t the easiest. Good thing you can now make guaranteed reservations with Seats! Skip the line, book and dine!


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