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 Aug 31, 2016


Slang for  “moonshine or alcoholic liquor,” Hooch has made a name for itself and has become one of the most well-loved bars in Makati. Its name is a tribute to the restrictive 1920s Prohibition, when drinks were forbidden and consumed only at speakeasies. The restaurant was set up by Chef Tom Hines, who is known for serving a mix of the classics and his own food and drink innovations.

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Hooch mashes elements of the 1920s restriction into its vibe as it is dimly-lit and doesn’t scream for attention on it’s corner of Salcedo.  This handsome venue has a beautiful bar and houses high ceilings. Its character comes out when you notice a touch of humor represented by black and white silent movies like The Three Stooges playing on the TV.

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Smoked Salmon on Toast with Quail Egg (P350)

Served with capers and sprinkled with lemon juice, this toast does not disappoint! Who knew bar chow could taste so wonderful?

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Tuna Bangus Sisig (P325) 
Definitely something to take with water! This dish has the kind of spice that slowly fills the cave of your mouth, giving you that slow burn effect while keeping it healthy with tuna served with lemon salt.
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Kick Ass Kinilaw (P320)

This Kinilaw is made of three different fish! Salmon, Tuna, and Mahi-mahi, making it kick ass indeed! The edible flower is a blue turnip and the dish is also served with micro herbs for that healthy vibe!

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Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter (P720)

Salami Milano, Cocktail onions, Caper berries, and assorted cheeses! It’s any cheese-lover and salami-lovers’ dream come true! This is the perfect bar chow to keep your libations company.

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Lemon Glazed Cheesecake (P250)

This homemade cheesecake is crusted with graham and flavored with butter and sugar. The mixture of  cheesecake, yogurt and lemon build the body, and the the delicious plating is made of caramel and berry syrup.


Half Dead

The Scarlet Letter

Black and White Star

Ocho Old Fashioned

Salcedo Avenue


Each drink has a story, and we would love to share them on our upcoming blog article that focuses solely on drinks!

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Whether you bite or sip, Hooch is a gastronomic arsenal ready for war. Its library of treats and libations, will surely satisfy any  of the hungry and thirsty along Salcedo street.

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