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 Sep 21, 2016



Earth Kitchen presents itself as the healthy restaurant option in BGC! Aside from organic and home-made ingredients, the restaurant also supports local farmers by using their ingredients for our comfort food. This food spot stands out because of its healthy heart for good food and dedication to help indigenous and marginalized communities. It’s a restaurant with vision for society!

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Earth Kitchen welcomes you to an indoor zen vibe with grass carpets, wooden furniture, and real plants.  Got Heart Foundation’s products are featured in the restaurant as well. Because of all the natural elements, you can’t help but feel alive and healthy in a place like this.

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The fact that of the menu of Earth Kitchen is homemade and organic, makes us love them even more!

Don’t know where to start or what to pick? Here are our hot picks from Earth Kitchen‘s Menu!

Watermelon and Rocket Salad (P350)

This salad is as refreshing as it is colorful. Spiked with balsamic vinaigrette and textured with crunchy greens and nutty Pili nuts, this salad is definitely a must try in Earth Kitchen.


Pumpkin and Goat’s Cheese Paccheri (P360)

This homemade pasta is hidden under a tower of roasted pumpkin strips, blue pea flower petals and Parmesan cheese! Squashed pumpkin and cream cheese is kept in pockets of pasta, just waiting to surprise your mouth with its sweet flavor.


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Pitcher of Fresh Dalandan Juice (P260)

The perfect beverage to clear the throat and the palette. It’s sweet and sour and one glass will remind you to relax and take your time. After all, you’re eating healthy!


Soft Taco: Pumpkin and White Cheese (P255)

Tortilla, cubes of squash, peanuts, combination of tomato,  and onions, homemade kesong puti, radish and silantro, aioli

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Roast Chicken(P430)

Roasted, juicy, and organic. This Chicken is one of Earth Kitchen’s best-selling mains. It’s clean flavor will get you craving for it all the more!




Goat’s Cheese Ice Cream (P290)

This signature homemade goat’s cheese ice cream, is sweetened by wild honey and dried figs, and balanced with the crunch of the cashew nut.




Earth Kitchen has a beautiful and relaxing ambience, but more importantly it’s a great food place. Their menu is innovative, healthy, and delicious! Don’t be intimidated by it’s advocacy for a healthier you. Just go in and have a bowl of their Watermelon and Rocket Salad and you’ll understand.

Healthy tastes amazing at Earth Kitchen


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