Discover With Seats: Cocina Peruvia

 Jul 25, 2016


Disclaimer: No Llamas were harmed in the creation of this blog. 


The Peruvian food movement in the Philippines is gaining fame, and it’s all because of  Chef Him Uy de Baron’s Cocina Peruvia! Chef Him leads them in both menu and vision. To simply pass by this restaurant is not enough. Try their menu for yourself!

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 Hidden in the concrete jungle of  Fort Bonifacio, Cocina Peruvia will catch your attention in more senses than one. Located at the ground floor of Bonifacio One Technology Tower, Cocina Peruvias’s distinct Peruvian music will cause you to chacha your way to the relaxing Al Fresco area of the restaurant. With the warm colors of its interiors bright and complementing, the vibe is nothing less than chill and appetizing.

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Pico  Sour (P320)

White whiskey, egg, and lime, this sour cocktail will have you say “cheers” no matter what day of the week it is! The fizz from the egg and lime creates a thick layer on the top that kisses your lips at the first sip.

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Lomo Saltado  (P450)

Beef tenderloin marinated  in a tasty homemade sauce garnished with onions, tomatoes, and french fries await you.

Flavorful and full of texture is the Peruvian style!

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Arroz Verde con Pollo (P320)

This Cilantro Chicken Rice is made of silantro puree, chicken slices, vegies, and lime. This delicious hit goes perfectly with the Adobo Peruvia, and may possibly turn a first timer into a regular visitor!

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Adobo Peruvia (P400)

Thin, delicate slices of Pork Belly emerge from tasty cream sauce topped with their signature slices of onions and tomatoes. Unable to reconcile our idea of adobo with how creamy and sweet this dish is, we still highly recommend you to try this dish and taste this pork adobo with a Peruvian twist!

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Pollo ala Brasa (P380)

This roast chicken is far from ordinary as it comes with two spicy sauces. The Green Aji silantro sauce is a good partner to those who want that citrus flavor on their chicken. For the spicy food lovers, choose the Chimichurri sauce! The Chimichurri sauce is equipped with oil, spices and herbs that perfectly bring  out the natural flavors of the chicken, while giving you a spicy thrill at the same time!


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Galera de Chocolate (P250)

Dark chocolate tart, violet corn crisps, potato crisps, figs and syrup are ingredients that aren’t common in a dessert. The Galera De Chocolate is the best kind of unusual you will ever experience. The Peruvian twist comes in with the infusion of dates, fig, and Tostillas. Although naturally you wouldn’t bring theses ingredients together all at once, this unconventional combinations works harmoniously and does not disappoint Dark Chocolate lovers.

 Flavor and chewy with the fun crunch, this dessert is a must try on our list!!

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Our top 3 would have to be the Chimchuri sauced Pollo ala Brasa, Arroz Verde con Pollo, and the sweet Galera de Chocolate! Make sure you try them out when you book your next visit with Seats! Your dining experience at Cocina Peruvia will be a memorable one as both the ambiance and the food will transport you to a little bistro in Cusco.

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