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 Sep 07, 2016



 If you could have a dining room in your house, Balboa would be the ideal dining room. The restaurant is timeless in design and ideal as a dining hall. It caters to families and couples that love to dine out or need a reason to dine out. The lights and lamps are shipped from New York, so you can feel the mix of American and Italian not only in their dishes but in their interior as well. The huge wall clock by the bar is there to bring the train station feel- where families would reunite, or where hopeless romantics would cross paths.

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The timeless theme is accompanied with music of Ella Fitzgerald to bring in the class and nostalgia. Looking at the details, you will see that the owner of this restaurant is about the details. With a hint of industrial inspiration with the metal on the walls, Balboa also brings in paintings from the UK. The paintings are inspired by the artworks of artists and painters Magritte and Manet.


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Italian – American Cuisine

 Spinach and artichoke dip with Pull Apart Bread (P336)
 Served hot and fresh, there is no better appetizer to keep you company while you wait for the pasta, pizza, and the steak.


Spinach Tagliatelle(P308) 
Sauteing ingredients and pouring them into the bechamel, milk and pomodoro sauce, tossing in shrimp and spicing it up, this pasta is as tasteful as it is colorful.
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Osso Buco with Saffron Risotto (P428)

This beef shank steak was oven braised for two hours in vegetables and sauce. Two hours!! So, you can imagine how tender it is and how it gracefully falls apart in your mouth.

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Steak and Gorgonzola (P388)

Home made pizza dough, freshly baked! Gorgonzola, steak for the toppings and balsamic and bechamel sauce.

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Strawberry Funnel Cake

This fried pastry has a consistency that will remind you of churros! Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with frozen berries, this dessert is one of the crowd favorites!


With the timeless furniture and the intricate paintings, Balboa gets you to dine out while feeling you’re dining in your dream house’s dining hall. From the appetizers to the undercuts of the waiters, every detail comes together and makes sense. Let Balboa cater to your Italian-American craving today.


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