10 Filipino Desserts That Make Independence Day Sweeter

 May 26, 2016

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Independence Day is drawing near and every year we celebrate our freedom should be sweeter than the last! This year, SEATS decided to feature 10 Filipino Desserts That Will Make Independence Day Sweeter! To add the cherry on top, we’re giving you 12% off on your total bill when you book your reservations at these restaurants with SEATS (Know More about our Independence Day Promo!) Celebrate freedom, and taste the flavors of Pinoy Pride with SEATS!

Neil’s Kitchen

1. Suman Mango Jelly

Suman, mango jelly, chocnut and coconut cream. I really went here just for this dessert 🙈🐷

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This Suman Mango Jelly, Chocnut, and Coconut Cream AND this Puto Bumbong with Buko Jelly and Toasted Coconut is the perfect way to amplify Filipino Food and turn it into the next food trend, worldwide! Neil’s Kitchen is definitely one of the go-to restaurants for Balikbayans and Tourists!

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2.  Puto Bumbong with Buko Jelly

Puto Bumbong with Buko Jelly and Toasted Coconut #forkspoonmanila #neilskitchen

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Restaurante Pia Y Damaso

1. Pepay The Dancer

Get historical with Restaurante Pia Y Damaso! Enjoy desserts named after Characters in our National Hero’s written work like This halo-halo named after Pepay The Dancer in Rizal’s El Filibusterismo. You can also enjoy this Bibingka in a way you’ve probably never tried before!

Celebrate the freedom of sharing ideas!

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2. Bibingka Waffle

The waffle bibingka! Drizzled with hot coco jam #restaurantepiaydamaso #damasoMENU #foodporn #filipinofood #filipinofoodmovement

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XO 46 Heritage Bistro

1. Bikong Ube

This Bikong Ube topped with Salted Caramel and Latik is heaven for Ube lovers! #UbeNation

And their Sapin-sapin Bahaghari will add color and surprise you as you take your first flavorful bite from this Filipino delicacy from

 XO 46 Heritage Bistro!

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2. Sapin-sapin Bahaghari

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Simple Lang

1. Iskrambol

Simple Lang‘s Iskrambol shows us how simple can be classy!

Their Ube Pancakes will make you question how you’ve been having pancakes your whole life.

See what makes simplicity so special!

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2. Ube Pancakes

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1. Avocado Crush

 All chill, no sweat! This is the crush that will give you the attention you want! Kabila’s Avocado Crush will crush your old standards of good Filipino desserts. Nanay Herma’s Suman sa Ibos will bring you to different parts of the Philippines wih the different origins of each delicacy!

Enjoy the freedom of munching on different flavors from your Motherland.

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2. Nanay Herma’s Suman sa Ibos

Don’t be chained to the same old restaurants. Break free and #DiscoverWithSeats! Enjoy all the  flavors of freedom!

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